CALIFORNIA SLUICE BOX - Home of the Bucket Sluice Concentrator
our outdoor and mining pics...send me your pic and i will post it.
some random pics from the past
My boy's first coin shoot at 3 yrs old
How bad do i have the gold fever?...winching boulders with a broken back tells you just a bit!!
Green horn creek, hydraulic mining tailing washed down from the pits..
My brother Ed and his first dredge, that's a new Keene dredge! guess the date?
Miner Dan and I using my first jaw crusher ..what fun!!! bust those boulders
My first dredge from back in the day! floats were $5.00 Dr.Pepper barrels, i had a set of floats and frame at every claim!
customer pics:
Here is one of my spots. You can see the stream sluice in the foreground and upstream of the Bridge River behind. This area was heavily worked by the Chinese during the Gold Rush of 1890 - 1900 or so. Many rock pilings are scattered about the area. The chinese were very thorough by washing and inspecting every rock. Washing the rocks got all gold off and often found valuable Jade. The stream sluice proved valuable in this spot because the hike in was pretty difficult and the lightness of the plastic sluice was worth it here. Found good concentrates of placer gold here.
Customer photo of concentrator build using two BSC's and auto feeder tub for the recovery of 200- mesh gold trapped in heavy black sands.
Bob processes hundreds of pounds of black sand per day.
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