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“The level of service at CALIFORNIA SLUICE BOX is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. CALIFORNIA SLUICE BOX was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Hi Dale,
Just a short note to say I was very impressed with the concentrator.
The whole bottom of my pan was red with small garnets, and shiny with small gold that had gone out the back of a self contained high banker.
I can not believe the amount of gold I almost threw away. It was just a whim that I kept that bucket.
My next try will be to let my Camel Mt. Goat Trommel empty right into the Concentrator. Should be great.
I just got my Canadian Edition Bucket Sluice Concentrator today and WOW   this thing is Totally Amazing  
For now here is some pictures of some very fine gold I pulled out of some dirt I had already panned through...about 1/2 a five gallon bucket of material... I was Shocked how much gold I missed by panning and I know how to pan.
Thank You Dale for making such a Great Clean Up Sluice   
I tried mine with a big ziploc bag of minus 30 o man this thing is FAST
The hardest part was deciding which 5 gallon pail to drill holes into 
Then I ran the tailings through the blue bowl....2 fly specks of gold...that's it...this thing really works well 
I ran the black sand cons through the bowl and got lots of gold specks.
I will have to run the blacks again because when I test panned a teaspoon of black sand I could see really really really fine gold.
So now I will classify the minus 30 mesh to minus 100 mesh and slow down the bowl and run it again.
So the bucket concentrator will pick up to -100 mesh....amazing
this thing works so well faster and more complete than my gold geni that i put the wheel on craigslist yesterday best sell while i can before word gets about this $25.00 wonder.
I notice the "V" in the water is hitting the second drop riffle for that size of classification....good to note.
I ran 30 mesh through mine and kept the "V" just before the first drop riffle (on recirc).
I am totally impressed with this little's sooooooo fast.
I panned the tailings and found nothing so far  IT WORKS PERFECTLY
Look forward to your next video.  and all of the GOLD 
 A nice little unit.
I notice that the V has a clear indication of energy as it sorts out stuff in the upper riffles. You can see in the first couple of riffles where the flow energy is concentrated but by the fourth riffle or so things get even right across the riffle.
I see this type of unit as proof of the recovery heirarchy. Why go through the hassle and expense of setting up a machine that recovers 97% of the 400 mesh gold when the primary concentrator is not going to be recovering it? Some might find a piece of fine gold in their tailings and freak out but no machine is 100% - not even leaching. I have seen guys with blue bowls hugging  and kissing them in an effort to get every single 100 mesh flake. They face a constant threat of diminishing returns with 2 dollars in effort to recover 10 cents of gold.
I can see this little concentrator being exactly the appropriate machine for many prospectors. Fast - simple - inexpensive and efficient within the recovery curves of the primary concentrators they have available.
Good show!!!
Thank you sir! I appreciate the professionalism and quick service. I'll be sure to talk about your product with the folks in our prospecting club.
I ran some concentrates through the concentrator today and it performed perfectly. I panned the run-off from the sluice and did not find a spec of gold. However, the material that the sluice held on to had all the gold. I know you tested it plenty, but you can count me as a "tested and proven customer." Well done, sir!
M. L.
Thanks buddy, I tested my new concentrator as soon as i got it home. although all i had to test it with was a pile of old concentrates that i had already panned out last year.
your little machine has already paid for it's self!
i found gold in this old material that i was going to throw away!
this thing was so fast and easy to use, i just can't believe what i had to go through in the past.
thank you!
D. G.
i must tell you that i was a bit skeptical about this gadget! but for the price i shot the dice and came away a winner !!
for years i have been a firm believer of the_ _ _ _ bowl.
Well i just listed that old bowl on Craig's list. Does that tell you anything about us old dogs and the ability to learn new tricks!
I sincerely wish you the best in your new business, with good equipment and low prices you are going to go far!!
J. M.
I received my concentrator last night and could not wait to try it out. I ran about two gallons of old concentrates that I had previous panned and decided that amalgam was the only way to get for the remaining gold. Well I was wrong because even though there was a lot of very fine gold it turned out to have some nice specks that I had missed. The concentrator captured most if not all of the fine gold and I can easily say that if anything is left in the black sands it would not be worth my effort. In an hour of running my concentrator it has more then paid for itself. I have already convinced my buddies Dean and Steve to buy one. We are going dredging this weekend and after our other buddy sees it run I am sure he will be sold.
I know that Dean has been emailing you about the A-52 hopper and I am sure we will be buying several of those in the near future. Best of luck with your business and please keep coming up with great products.
Thank you,
I am Very Happy with the Bucket Sluice Concentrator and the Excellent Customer Service......I want to Thank You so much for making such a Great Cleanup Sluice 
available to all ....I Highly Recommend doing business  with California Sluice Box....
we need more guys like you Dale selling Mining Equipment.
Keep Up The Great Work Dale
Got my order on Saturday, that was great service. I was able to try the Jr Sluice Box out on Sunday and it worked great. The kids are using the Bucket Concentrator on the cons now, and loving it. What I'm really waiting for is the 16"X42" Sluice Box to come out, that ought to be the real trick for our NV streams and fine gold. Thanks for the service, Kevin
Hi my little bucket sluice......Ran some cons i had panned and was amazed. how much i had missed.  the really small stuff.  It is so fast and efficient...i am running it on a recycle system so i can use it indoors.32 degrees here tonite.....A friend in Alaska told me about it....thanks to him and more panning.....I will spread the word....Once again thanks   take care and good luck...Walter.
Here in Washington, in the off season we have size restrictions on sluices. I really wanted the larger River sluice but I would have had to cut some wood and plug a couple riffles on the bottom end to stay even with the law. Then I would probably have to listen to DNR goofs tell me I was still out of compliance so I chose the one that there was no question about.
The sluice is very light weight. Running the A52 and this one is a whole different world. Also one less trip to the car lol. This really impressed me but I was still worried some. And I found out there was a learning curve to setting up the lightweight sluice in fast water.
Being used to the A52 which seldom needed anything to hold it in place and usually just leveler rocks underneath, the stream sluice required 4 points of wedge on the edges, 2 on each end to keep it down and level. Again I ran it in fast water, so if it was going to catch gold at all it was getting a work out.
5 min into the feed I saw a large flat golden flake half the size of a dime bounce across the riffles and out the tail end. And of course with the speed needed to catch a fly in mid air my hand automatically slapped onto the sand pile at the end and brought up a handful of sand. There it was. Tiny gold piece of candy wrapper..... So I decided to just chill out and run my cons later lol.
I pulled the sluice 3 times to collect cons. Once after the 1/4" screened material, and again after 2 buckets each of 5 gal 1/8" material. I was absolutely thrilled each time with a pan or two of water collecting everything in a bucket in about a minutes time. Pull flush and back into the river and set in the stones so fast it was amazing. In reality the end results told me I dont have to pull it ever, till I go home. It can actually work all day and not lose anything, unlike the A52 which fills with dense material and loses its riffle action on this part of the river. Does OK in other places though.
These are drop riffle sluices. One piece mold, and no extra parts or mat to mess with. The Stream model has 3 V shaped inspection drop riffles. Designed to flush to the next set and reveal any pickers or fine build up. Then it transitions to 3 wide drop riffles to catch any larger chunks that bounce down that far and pull any small gold down. Then it follows up with 7 more narrower drop riffles so none of the flour exits the tail end.
Even with all that to be honest, I was very skeptical it could catch flour gold on the river, under the conditions I described in the bucket classifier review. I have the bucket concentrator and it works incredibly well catching 98 or 99% of all flour down to many times below 100 mesh. But that is under very controlled conditions of angle and flow rates. Not in a river full of variable sometimes violent flow and bouncing rocks and boulders in the heavy rains.
I finished up the test holes in the bench and found it to be barren. So I dropped down to finish the point of the bar which I was sure was also barren but wanted to get it off my mind and done with. That is the material for this whole test.
And here we can see it has no problem at all capturing even the finest gold from nearly barren material. with -100mesh and smaller in the final pan:
Was I happy with it? Very much so. If I had the chance to run my A52 and this one side by side I wouldn't own an A52. Now that this one is in the picture the A52 doesnt have any place anymore till I get dredge gear and some floats and even then I think this drop riffle design may end up getting pop riveted onto a dredge frame instead of the A52. Makes a lot more sense to add a live hydraulic trap and punch plate to this one and let the rocks just slide across the drop riffles, than trying to pack a couple hundred pounds of dredge around. Thank God the world is changing and tech is making a difference.
The one mod I intend on doing is holes in one side flange for a shoulder strap with snap clips. Not sure its needed, but if I have my hands full it might help.
Dollar for dollar this sluice is clearly the best money I have spent for river equipment. Very pleased, once I got past the learning curve. There isnt any turning back at this point.
The "stream" model here:below
As always this is a purchase made with my own money and the sole decision is mine. I dont call up and talk to salesmen. I look over the specs and click if im interested. When I try it, its either good or bad. No one has any control over my real world reviews but myself.
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