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Sluice Boxes
Drop riffle sluice boxes are used a bit differently than the old style Hungarian riffle sluice boxes!
Your goal when running a drop riffle sluice box is to run the box as flat as possible. Without ever having sand just sit on the slick plates between the riffles. The flatter you run the box the better the recovery rate on fine gold.
Water flow on drop riffle sluice boxes needs to be a bit more than the old style boxes due to the flatter angle. Watch the sand in the riffles...when you have the proper water flow this sand will be dancing around within the riffle.Do not try to adjust the box to run the riffles clean! The heavy material within the riffles works much like  jig shot which allows the gold and heavies fall through the suspended material
and the lighter material just floats right past.
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 Stream Sluice 

10"x 38"
10 3/4" across the top
9 3/4" across the bottom
this box will drop in to a standard A-52 style box


stream sluice box
10x38 15.00 shipping contiguous USA
Price: $50.00


16" X 38"
*15-7/8" across the top
*15-1/2" across the bottom
river sluice box
16x38 20.00 shipping contiguous USA
Price: $75.00

Built for the serious miner!
this is our production sluice for running higher volumes of pay materials
V-groove indicator riffles allow you to see the values right away. larger drop riffles allow for higher production and higher volumes of water without washing away the gold.
                      Customer review *************************************************
Here in Washington, in the off season we have size restrictions on sluices. I really wanted the larger River sluice but I would have had to cut some wood and plug a couple riffles on the bottom end to stay even with the law. Then I would probably have to listen to DNR goofs tell me I was still out of compliance so I chose the one that there was no question about.
The sluice is very light weight. Running the A52 and this one is a whole different world. Also one less trip to the car lol. This really impressed me but I was still worried some. And I found out there was a learning curve to setting up the lightweight sluice in fast water.
Being used to the A52 which seldom needed anything to hold it in place and usually just leveler rocks underneath, the stream sluice required 4 points of wedge on the edges, 2 on each end to keep it down and level. Again I ran it in fast water, so if it was going to catch gold at all it was getting a work out.
5 min into the feed I saw a large flat golden flake half the size of a dime bounce across the riffles and out the tail end. And of course with the speed needed to catch a fly in mid air my hand automatically slapped onto the sand pile at the end and brought up a handful of sand. There it was. Tiny gold piece of candy wrapper..... So I decided to just chill out and run my cons later lol.
I pulled the sluice 3 times to collect cons. Once after the 1/4" screened material, and again after 2 buckets each of 5 gal 1/8" material. I was absolutely thrilled each time with a pan or two of water collecting everything in a bucket in about a minutes time. Pull flush and back into the river and set in the stones so fast it was amazing. In reality the end results told me I dont have to pull it ever, till I go home. It can actually work all day and not lose anything, unlike the A52 which fills with dense material and loses its riffle action on this part of the river. Does OK in other places though.
These are drop riffle sluices. One piece mold, and no extra parts or mat to mess with. The Stream model has 3 V shaped inspection drop riffles. Designed to flush to the next set and reveal any pickers or fine build up. Then it transitions to 3 wide drop riffles to catch any larger chunks that bounce down that far and pull any small gold down. Then it follows up with 7 more narrower drop riffles so none of the flour exits the tail end.
Even with all that to be honest, I was very skeptical it could catch flour gold on the river, under the conditions I described in the bucket classifier review. I have the bucket concentrator and it works incredibly well catching 98 or 99% of all flour down to many times below 100 mesh. But that is under very controlled conditions of angle and flow rates. Not in a river full of variable sometimes violent flow and bouncing rocks and boulders in the heavy rains.
I finished up the test holes in the bench and found it to be barren. So I dropped down to finish the point of the bar which I was sure was also barren but wanted to get it off my mind and done with. That is the material for this whole test.
And here we can see it has no problem at all capturing even the finest gold from nearly barren material. with -100mesh and smaller in the final pan:
Was I happy with it? Very much so. If I had the chance to run my A52 and this one side by side I wouldn't own an A52. Now that this one is in the picture the A52 doesnt have any place anymore till I get dredge gear and some floats and even then I think this drop riffle design may end up getting pop riveted onto a dredge frame instead of the A52. Makes a lot more sense to add a live hydraulic trap and punch plate to this one and let the rocks just slide across the drop riffles, than trying to pack a couple hundred pounds of dredge around. Thank God the world is changing and tech is making a difference.
The one mod I intend on doing is holes in one side flange for a shoulder strap with snap clips. Not sure its needed, but if I have my hands full it might help.
Dollar for dollar this sluice is clearly the best money I have spent for river equipment. Very pleased, once I got past the learning curve. There isnt any turning back at this point.
The "stream" model here:below
As always this is a purchase made with my own money and the sole decision is mine. I dont call up and talk to salesmen. I look over the specs and click if im interested. When I try it, its either good or bad. No one has any control over my real world reviews but myself.
Jr. SLUICE BOX 7 x 23
As seen on the Prospecting
19 min. into the video
This sluice box is made from ABS plastic to take years of abuse from your prospecting activities. Light weight, easy to use, even easier to clean out. This unit utilizes the same drop riffle technology as our bucket sluice concentrator and our high bankers.
Notice there is no Turbulence in the box from the riffles.
These riffles work just like the natural cracks in the bed rock.
All material must fall into the riffles because of gravity. The lighter material quickly flushes away and out of the box leaving the heaver
material behind.
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Feedback from our customers...
Here is one of my spots. You can see the stream sluice in the foreground and upstream of the Bridge River behind. This area was heavily worked by the Chinese during the Gold Rush of 1890 - 1900 or so. Many rock pilings are scattered about the area. The Chinese were very thorough by washing and inspecting every rock. Washing the rocks got all gold off and often found valuable Jade. The stream sluice proved valuable in this spot because the hike in was pretty difficult and the lightness of the plastic sluice was worth it here. Found good concentrates of placer gold here.

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