CALIFORNIA SLUICE BOX - Home of the Bucket Sluice Concentrator
How we got our start
    I asked our local mining supply shop owner about making mining equipment parts because i had acquired a machine and was making sewing machine parts at the time.
His advice came the same as many others...Start small.
so i worked out the bugs on our concentrator for the next year. He like many others loved the new low priced unit and sold them in his store. (my first dealer)I was told sluice boxes and then high bankers are the next items that should follow. Our Jr. sluice box and Jr. High banker were the next items out. then came our GMS high banker. 
   The following month this shop owner invited me to share a booth at the up coming GPAA Gold show and i took him up on his offer.(see photo below)
I sold out of concentrators the first day to our happy surprise.
Now as they say the rest is history....
Thank you
to everyone for the help
 2006 APRIL

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