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Canadian edition now in stock
Only shipping priority this month! $23.00
10.00 shipping USPS first class
international mail. Shipping time
varies greatly, 20-30 warehouse
dropping the ball the last few months
2 units ship for 12.00 in same box
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The intro and set up of the new bucket sluice concentrator by California sluice box.the sluice is made out of ABS plastic with a drop riffle design to trap your gold. the riffles are fast cleaning...
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Please excuse the bare feet...120 in the shade and that cool water
felt so good on the feet
 Bucket Sluice Concentrator
 Made by gold prospectors for gold prospectors.
My father always told me to "Keep it simple and affordable"
So here you go,
   This is not just another piece of rain gutter called a concentrator !
I have spent years developing this design The materials used in the
construction of my equipment are all top of the line, and manufactured
on state of the art thermoforming machinery.
   Here in California we had the need for a concentrator that would
recover gold in it's many forms, from nuggets, pickers, flake , flat flakes
 to -100 mesh dust.
   The new Bucket Sluice Concentrator is the answer for us all....The specially designed drop riffles allow for better gold recovery.Our concentrator is made from ABS plastic to take the abuse of your mining activities. The light weight plastic allows for a small harmonic vibration to be generated by the water flowing down the unit. This vibration settles the gold to the bottom of the riffles and allows lighter material to come to the top and wash way. The drop riffle system is fast
 cleaning yet reduces the upward turbulence within the sluice box. Thedrop riffle design acts just like a natural crack in the bed rock to capture the gold. Conventional Hungarian designs launch the fine gold back into the pay dirt and loses the gold out the end.
   This unit may be operated using less water than other cleanup methods on the market. Allowing you to save money by using a cheaper fountain or sump pump to process your concentrates. The unit will operate fine using
 pumps of 500 - 750 gph I connect a female garden hose fitting to the unit for a water connection. If you prefer a different fitting just ask! Just let me know during payment.
   You may operate this unit either by the use of a water pump while in camp or by a garden hose when you are at home. We are glad to make any custom equipment needed to fit your mining needs, Notice in the photos that the gold is only in the first three riffles, if you find
gold past the first three riffles, slow the water flow down just a bit and keep processing your material.
Sorry, no the gold and bucket are not included with the concentrator
24" x 5" x 3"
Water flow used for processing your concentrates
The Canadian edition and the US edition are both the same unit!
the only difference is the shipping method.
USA...priority USPS
Canada...first class USPS

For a few weeks
1 bucket sluice concentrator
7.00 shipping to usa lower 48
Price: $29.95
2 bucket sluice concentrators
10.00 shipping USA lower 48
Price: $58.00


Canadian edition
Only shipping Priority international
lost packages, returned packages,
very late deliveries...sorry folks
but we have to cut some losses until
they change employees or something?
To Canada this unit ships in a
24" x 4" x 6" box
 Delivery time varies...
10-20 days.
BSC Canadian edition
1 concentrator
Price: $29.95
BSC Canadian edition
2 concentrators
Price: $58.00
3 canadian edition units
bsc canadian
Price: $85.00

From one of our happy Canadian customers
I am Very Happy with the Bucket Sluice Concentrator and the Excellent Customer Service......I want to Thank You so much for making such a Great Cleanup Sluice 
available to all ....I Highly Recommend doing business  with California Sluice Box....
we need more guys like you Dale selling Mining Equipment.
Keep Up The Great Work Dale
Alberta Canada
Gold recovered from dirt I was going to throw out.....until I got my  Bucket Sluice Concentrator,I guess there was still gold in there.
The Canadian Dime is the same size as the American Dime.
I received my concentrator last night and could not wait to try it out. I ran about two gallons of old concentrates that I had previous panned and decided that amalgam was the only way to get for the remaining gold. Well I was wrong because even though there was a lot of very fine gold it turned out to have some nice specks that I had missed. The concentrator captured most if not all of the fine gold and I can easily say that if anything is left in the black sands it would not be worth my effort. In an hour of running my concentrator it has more then paid for itself. I have already convinced my buddies Dean and Steve to buy one. We are going dredging this weekend and after our other buddy sees it run I am sure he will be sold.
I know that Dean has been emailing you about the A-52 hopper and I am sure we will be buying several of those in the near future. Best of luck with your business and please keep coming up with great products.
Thank you,
Phone: 559-478-0429
off hwy 41 east on Ashland
N.E. corner of Ashlan and Fresno st.
our shop is behind
California business machines
4266 N. FRESNO ST.
FRESNO, CA 93726

 Proudly owned and operated by an
American Indian
Member of the
Round Valley Indian Tribes
A Sovereign Nation of Confederated Tribes
 Federally recognized by the United States of America
 For those who may be interested..
My American Indian blood line is
Wailacki, Nomlacki, Concow
All of which are Northern California tribes
on or near the Eel River water shed.

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