CALIFORNIA SLUICE BOX - Home of the Bucket Sluice Concentrator
 Proudly owned and operated by an
American Indian
Member of the
Round Valley Indian Tribes
A Sovereign Nation of Confederated Tribes
 Federally recognized by the United States of America
 For those who may be interested..
My American Indian blood line is
Wailacki, Nomlacki, Concow
All of which are Northern California tribes
on or near the Eel River watershed.
Not all Indians are environmentalist freaks!
Most of us understand and support the responsible
use of the worlds natural and renewable resources.
Many Tribes across this great country
actively take part in timber harvesting and mining
on reservation lands.

We only sell what we manufacture in house.
We utilize today's High Tech plastics in the production of our equipment. Our production line uses state of the art thermoforming machines and we sell our products at 
About Us
   We design all of our equipment from the ground up!  We start from  C.A.D. drawings, then our engineers use C.N.C. mills and hand tool our molds for all of our products. Each item is extensively field tested and revised to to yield the best results in your endeavors at gold recovery. Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

N.E. corner of Ashlan and Fresno st.
California business machines

We ship 3 days a week U.S.P.S. first class, priority and parcel post.
the actual shipping charges apply
for shipping charges!

Thank you sir! I appreciate the professionalism and quick service. I'll be sure to talk about your product with the folks in our prospecting club.
I ran some concentrates through the concentrator today and it performed perfectly. I panned the run-off from the sluice and did not find a spec of gold. However, the material that the sluice held on to had all the gold. I know you tested it plenty, but you can count me as a "tested and pr oven customer." Well done, sir!
your little machine has already paid for it's self!
this thing was so fast and easy to use, i just can't believe what i had to go through in the past.
i must tell you that i was a bit skeptical about this gadget! but for the price i shot the dice and came away a winner !!
Well i just listed that old bowl on Craig's list. Does that tell you anything about us old dogs and the ability to learn new tricks!
I sincerely wish you the best in your new business, with good equipment and low prices you are going to go far!!
J. M.
I received my concentrator last night and could not wait to try it out. I ran about two gallons of old concentrates that I had previous panned and decided that amalgam was the only way to get for the remaining gold. Well I was wrong because even though there was a lot of very fine gold it turned out to have some nice specks that I had missed. The concentrator captured most if not all of the fine gold and I can easily say that if anything is left in the black sands it would not be worth my effort. In an hour of running my concentrator it has more then paid for itself. I have already convinced my buddies Dean and Steve to buy one. We are going dredging this weekend and after our other buddy sees it run I am sure he will be sold.
Thank you,

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